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Jan 1 - July 1:  $135

July 1 - Jan 1:  $165

Lead time: 2-3 weeks


  • 1 NFL-approved CommBelt

To order Complete Sets, go here

To order Holsters only, go here

CommBelt secures the GreenGo intercom and CX1 radio into fixed positions with ample room for adjustment. Holsters are designed to provide protection for devices without obstructing key controls or battery access.

Belts are adjustable by a minimum of 6” of fit, allowing for use with a polo or a parka. By simply flipping it over, the belt design accommodates both left and right handed users. 

Additional Details
• Belts are sized in 2" increments, from a 27-28" up to a 59-60", including allowance for cold weather gear.
• Elastic loops and reversible d-ring enable simple, accessible cord management.
• Vinyl label window allows for easily recognizable belt assignment and tracking.
• Made in the USA

Determining Belt Size - Super Important! 

Option 1: Measuring Tape 

  1. Wrap tape measure around waist.
  2. Eyeball the number where it comes together in front. 
  3. That's the number. Simple as that. 

Option 2: Pants Size

If you're unable to secure an actual waist dimension, then your best option is to add 2-3 inches to standard pants size. This is truly a rough approximation, but often your only option. 

A note on sizing: 

Sizing referenced on pants labels vary widely across the industry and are unreliable at best. Since our goal is get the best fit possible for our Commbelts, we build them to the wearer's specific dimensions. We will gladly work with you to ensure a proper fit for all your staff, so please feel free to email any questions to